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Foundational Shampoo 
Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser

2 oz. - $4.99!
8 oz. - $18.99!
32 oz. - $39.99!

Gentle cleansing Foundational Shampoo protects your hair’s natural properties. Enriched with key botanical oils to repair damage caused by chemicals, heat styling & environmental factors.

• Infused with rice & soy proteins
• Formulated with keratin for outstanding strength, manageability & shine

• Enhanced with anti-aging peptides

• Sulfate, paraben & sodium chloride free
• Enriched with argan, olive, avocado & bamboo oils
• Safe for all hair types, including color treated hair.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to wet hair & massage to create a lather. Rinse thoroughly & follow with The Hair Architect’s Foundational Conditioner.

Available in 2oz, 8oz & 32oz bottles  

Foundational ConditionerFoundational Conditioner

2 oz. - $4.99!
8 oz. - $18.99!
32 oz. - $39.99!

Revitalizes hair luster & replenishes natural moisture levels. Enriched with argan, olive, avocado & bamboo oils to promote luxurious, radiant & healthy hair.
 This natural hair conditioner will not only leave hair more smooth than with chemical-based products, but also:

• Infused with rice & soy proteins

• Protects against surface damage from heat styling

• Reduces frizz, for silky, tangle-free hair

• Enhanced with anti-aging peptides

• Formulated with keratin for outstanding strength, manageability & shine

• Sulfate, Paraben & Sodium Chloride free

DIRECTIONS: After shampooing with The Hair Architect’s Foundational Shampoo, remove excess water & massage Foundational Conditioner through hair. For an intense treatment, allow conditioner to moisturize & strengthen hair for at least 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Available in 2oz, 8oz & 32oz bottles

All Natural Leave-In Conditioner
1 oz. - $4.99!
4 oz. - $13.99!

The Deco™ leave-in hair conditioner's nourishing botanical-rich formula replenishes moisture which leaves all hair types healthy, shiny & resilient. This all-natural leave in conditioner will bring you a smooth hair surface while providing you with additional hair advantages, such as:

• Detangles hair by gently smoothing & sealing hair cuticles
• Strengthens & seals in moisture
• Protects against UV damage
• Stops frizz & controls curls
• Perfect for everyday use

DIRECTIONS: For normal hair: after using The Hair Architect’s Foundational Shampoo and Conditioner, spray Deco™ all natural leave in conditioner onto wet hair. Comb through & style. For oily or fine hair: spray Deco after using Foundational Shampoo.

Available in 1oz & 4oz bottle

Renovation Cream
Weekly Conditioner
2 oz. - $6.99!
8 oz. - $19.99!

This natural hair conditioner repairs & rejuvenates even the driest hair. Renovation Cream’s active ingredients penetrate into the core of hair strands to strengthen hair elasticity & lock in moisture.

• Repairs distressed, damaged & chemically treated hair
• Infused with keratin, collagen & proteins
• Shea butter, olive & argan oils nourishes & hydrates hair
• Revitalizes hair luster

DIRECTIONS: After shampooing with The Hair Architect’s Foundational Hair Shampoo, apply Renovation Cream hair conditioner evenly through hair. For a more intense treatment, apply heat for 5-10 minutes, cool down and rinse. Style as desired.

Available in 2oz & 8oz jar

Glazing Serum

Hair & Hand Moisturizer
2 oz. - $19.99!

Glazing is a 2-in-1 serum that delivers results you can feel. Its deep penetrating moisturizers are instantly absorbed into hair & hands, for an incredibly polished look with a long-lasting, smooth-as-silk feeling.

• Contains macadamia, argan, sunflower & jojoba oils
• Lite weight formula
• Provides heat protection & decreases blow-drying time
• Strengthens hair elasticity
• Protects against UV damage

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount from mid to ends of damp hair. Proceed with styling. Glazing Serum can also be used to moisturize hands & cuticles.

Available in 2oz bottle



Conditioning Mousse
1.7 oz. - $6.99!
7.5 oz. - $16.99!

Weightless Finial™ hair conditioning mousse conditions, volumizes & adds shine to hair. Gives extra style & fullness to all hair types.

• Foam pumps volume into lifeless hair
• Enhances and tames curls
• Humidity resistant
• Thermal protection

DIRECTIONS: After using The Hair Architect’s Foundational Shampoo & Conditioner, add volume by distributing Finial™ mousse evenly through wet or damp hair. Style as desired.

Available in 1.7oz & 7.5oz bottle




Shine and Thermal Protectant
1 oz. - $4.99!
4 oz. - $13.99!

Beaming™ protects against thermal damage as it smoothes, conditions and seals hair strands. This heat protectant helps to radiate your hair’s beauty with this convenient spray that keeps hair soft and lustrous.

• Smoothes frizz and prevents split ends
• Adds vibrant shine
• Thermal protection
• Long-lasting protection from humidity

DIRECTIONS: Spray the Beaming™ thermal heat protectant on damp or dry hair, focusing on mid to ends. Proceed to style with blow-dryer or flat iron.

Available in 1oz & 4oz bottle

Frieze Frieze

Versatile Hairspray
10 oz. - $19.99!

Frieze is the latest in hair spray technology. This versatile product lets you decide what
type of spray pattern and hold you want.

• Spray it your way! Turn the adjustable dial, for a lite, medium or firm hold.
• Gives you th e flexibility to brush & restyle hair as much as you want
• Humidity resistant.
• Never leaves hair sticky or dry.
• Thermal-friendly formula.
• Great for all hairstyles.

DIRECTIONS: Set the dial to desired hold (low, medium, and high). Hold 8-12 inches from hair and spray evenly. If nozzle clogs up, run under hot water.

Available in 10oz bottle


Earth Friendly

All of our hair products are made with the environment in mind. Our natural hair products are formulated with an abundance of natural botanicals. We also try to provide containers that will be easy to recycle, and use as few shipping materials possible. What good is it to have a healthy head of hair, if the environment we live in is a landfill.



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